Module 8: Quick Review

How you structure your day can greatly impact your sleep at night. Based on your chronotype, there are optimal times for everything from when to eat, when to be creative, and when to have sex. 

Pair up your daily routine with your biorhythm, and optimizing your life becomes a whole lot easier. 

In Lessons 1-4, we covered: 

  • A Perfect Day in the Life of a Dolphin
  • A Perfect Day in the Life of a Lion
  • A Perfect Day in the Life of a Bear
  • A Perfect Day in the Life of a Wolf

Napping can be a great way to help your body adjust to your natural biorhythm and get in some extra physical rest when your body (and your hormones) are trending downward. 

In Lesson 5, we covered: 

  • Naps and the nap-a-latte
  • The biology behind napping
  • How long should a nap last?
  • What nap is right for you? 9 Types of Naps to Choose From
  • Who shouldn’t nap?

Obviously, there is more to optimal sleep than just sleeping. When and what you eat and drink matter a lot, too. 

In Lesson 6, we covered: 

  • The best time to eat your meals
  • How specific foods can impact your sleep
  • The science of fasting and sleep
  • What does drinking alcohol do to a night of sleep?
  • When to have alcohol and in what amount
  • The best time to have coffee (or chocolate!)

In the next module, we’re addressing how to get physically and mentally ready so that when you do put your head on the pillow, you will sleep soundly and, dare I say, optimally! 

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